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Now it’s easier than ever to ensure that your sprinkler system is maintained year round with JB Irrigations sprinkler service agreements.

Now you can get a quote for, and purchase, a maintenance agreement for your sprinkler system online. Enter your information below to get a custom quote. Then, select any or all the services you are interested in. Your total will appear, then just click the checkout button to complete your payment. We will then contact you to schedule your first service. If your area isn't shown after completing the form, call us at (281) 760-3882.

All system checks include the following 12 point inspection process:

  • Run a system test cycle.
  • Check entire system for leaks
  • Check controller for proper operation
  • Check rain sensor for proper operation
  • Check cleanliness of all lines, heads and nozzles
  • Check that automatic valves fully open and close
  • 7. Check that electric solenoids operate correctly
  • Check for leaky seals in heads
  • Check nozzles for correct spray patterns
  • Adjust all sprinklers
  • Make notification to customer if any repairs or alterations to the system are needed
  • Submit inspection report to customer

SPRING SYSTEM CHECK & Startup Inspection (late Feb. - early March)

  • 12 point inspection
  • Inspect for freeze damage
  • Trim sod grass from around all heads
  • Install new battery in controllers that do not have a rechargable battery (when applicable)
  • Adjust watering time to landscape's spring water requirements

SUMMER SYSTEM CHECK 1 (scheduled for June)

  • 12 point inspection
  • Trim sod/grass from around all heads
  • Adjusting watering schedule to landscape's summertime water requirement

SUMMER SYSTEM CHECK 2 (scheduled for September)

  • 12 point inspection
  • Trim sod/grass from around all heads
  • Adjusting watering schedule to landscape's fall water requirement

WINTERIZATION & SYSTEM CHECK (scheduled for November)

  • 12 point inspection
  • Adjusting watering schedule to landscape's winter water requirements (or turn off at owners request)
  • Insulate exposed piping on irrigation system (freeze protection) (parts and materials are additional)
  • Insulate hose bibs or water faucets on exterior of home