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What Exactly Is A Sprinkler Service Call?

In a nutshell, a service call is an on-site visit to your property for sprinkler repairs by a members of the JB IRRRIGATION Service Staff.

The Service Call is usually initiated by the customer. The customer simply contacts us by phone (fastest response) or you may use our Online Service Request Form, where a service representative will set up an scheduled appointment time or time window with you.

Things we do when we perform a sprinkler repair service call…

  • Consult with homeowner or property manager about their service/repair needs
  • Check irrigation system to:
    • Verify problems described by customer
    • Troubleshoot and diagnose system for problems and their solutions
    • Verify system operation
    • Identify any additional repair items that the customer may be unaware of
  • Repair irrigation system, and then re-check the irrigation system to verify that a sound repair has been made OR Prepare/submit estimate (verbal or written) if there are many repairs or cost of repairs are going to exceed a predetermined specified amount

More About Our Service Call

Our Service Call Charge Includes up to the first hour of labor for our Service Crew. It also includes the use of our specialized sprinkler system troubleshooting equipment. We have a Licensed Technician and Helper on each Service Truck everyday (except for Holidays and Emergency Calls). Please inquire with us regarding what your Service Call Charge would be.

NOTE: We regularly complete many repair jobs within the first hour’s “Service Call Charge” time. However, some more complicated problems, or multiple problems on the same system may require additional time for completion. In most of these cases we pro-rate the service call rate to account for the additional time that was required.

Our Rolling Sprinkler Repair Warehouse

When our Irrigation Service Technician arrives at your property he will be coming in a Fully Stocked Truck with all the sprinkler parts he needs to repair your sprinkler system. Our Service Vehicles are stocked daily. Our Service Vehicle will arrive ready for whatever job with 2,000+ irrigation parts and components. Enough stuff to replace your entire system twice if we had to! This is an important added value for our customer. With this amount of inventory on the truck, there usually is no need for the Service Technician go fetch parts, or reschedule another trip out after parts have been ordered and come in. Meanwhile, your sprinkler system still not working. We complete 98% of our repair jobs on the first visit.

If we do not have a part we need on the truck, we can usually dispatch a driver from our Main Distribution Warehouse and deliver it to your site, without holding up the repair job.

Scheduled Sprinkler Maintenance Services

Are you tired of wasting your valuable time worrying about problems with your Lawn Sprinkler System? Are you tired of hassling with the repetitive repairs on your Sprinkler System? Are you aware that you may be wasting water and money by not maintaining your Sprinkler System?

JB Irrigation and Services would like to provide you with the Maintenance Services that are needed for your Sprinkler System. Maintenance is scheduled periodic work that is necessary to keep your Sprinkler System in good working order by preventing its deterioration.

Do you have a sprinkler system that needs maintenance? JB Irrigation and Services can provide the irrigation services that you need

Sprinkler System Maintenance is preventative maintenance just like changing oil in your car. Maintenance will prevent the deterioration of your system beyond repair, keeping you from having to install a new system, and prevent the costly replacement of a dead landscape. Or, if a broken pipe is undetected, the leak could cause your water costs to increase exponentially, whether you have your own well or a water meter. By maintaining your Sprinkler System now you will save yourself money now and in the future.

JB Services’ Maintenance plan consists of an Irrigation Service Technician visiting your property at scheduled maintenance intervals. Some of the various checks, examinations and adjustment that will be made are:

  • Run a system test cycle
  • Check entire system for leaks
  • Check controller for proper operation
  • Check rain sensor for proper operation
  • Adjust System run times according to season and plant growth needs
  • Check that automatic valves fully open close
  • Check that electric solenoids operate correctly
  • Check for leaky seals in heads
  • Check nozzles for correct spray patterns
  • Make notification to customer if any repairs or alterations to the system are needed (Provide Estimate)
  • Schedule Appointment for repairs needed

Please call (281) 760-3882 for more information on our professional, courteous, and reliable maintenance service.

Thank you for considering JB Irrigation and Services to insure that your Sprinkler System is maintained and always in good working order.

Justin Bielamowicz – Owner

Licensed Irrigator #7396
JB Irrigation and Services