As dawn comes later each morning and dusk comes earlier, we see the changing of seasons upon us. Summer’s harsh weather is ending and we are coming into the cooler temperatures of Fall. At this time you need to change your watering schedule and start preparing for even cooler weather coming in Winter, but you certainly shouldn’t neglect your lawn during this critical time of the year. Here are some tips to help you during this change:

1.  Drop your watering schedule down to 2 days a week. Water when your grass needs a drink.
2.  Plan your watering to match your lawn type. Different grasses need different amounts of water. Consult with us for more information.
3.  Repair and begin winterizing your sprinkler system.  This helps prepare your system for the cooler weather of Winter.
4.  Keep your lawn neatly trimmed.  Mowing the lawn on a regular basis will take away all the scorched grass from the Summer’s sun.
5.  You should begin your Winter fertilizing at this time to protect from the colder weather.

Remember, Fall is no time for standing around waiting – Your lawn needs your attention during these months.  Also, this time is perfect to address your sprinkler system repairs.  Your automatic irrigation systems generally put out a great deal of water and it is important to keep them working properly to avoid waste. Call JB Irrigation to come out and check your system, make sure that it is running as efficient as possible and repair any challenges you may have. We’ll also help with the winterization when the time comes.