Upgrade to an App Based Smart Irrigation Controller

With the rise of the smart home, more and more homeowners are interested in being able to see and control their irrigation right from their phone.

Some common benefits include:

  • Run system manually from any location without accessing the control panel
  • Water savings
  • Automatically watering plant the right amount based on weather
  • Alerts to electrical issues

INTRODUCING the Rain Bird ESP-ME3 Irrigation Controller with LNK

When the ESP-ME3 is installed with Rain Bird’s LNK Wi-Fi module, users can set up and manage their irrigation with Rain Bird’s free mobile app.

Already have a Rainbird ESP-ME3 irrigation controller installed by JB Irrigation?

While the ESP-ME controller itself isn’t Wi-Fi based, it’s easily upgraded to a Wi-Fi enabled controller with the LNK Wi-Fi module. With the module and accompanying app, you can operate and monitor the irrigation system from anywhere, with real-time alerts and water management tools.

Check out the following video or ask the Professionals at JB Irrigation about Wi-Fi enabled controller options.