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20 Mar 2015

Spring Sprinkler System Check and Start Up Inspection

You’ve made it through the cold months with a winterized sprinkler system, but what do you do now as the weather warms up for Spring? JB Irrigation offers a complete Spring system check to ensure that your irrigation system is ready for service and that you are watering efficiently and not spending too much on your water bill.

Click here to learn more about our Spring System Check and Start Up Inspections.

14 Mar 2014

Promoting Water Conservation Just Makes Good Water Sense

More than 1 trillion gallons of water leak from homes nationwide each year—that’s a trillion reasons to get involved in water conservation. That’s why JB Irrigation is participating in Fix a Leak Week from March 17 – 23, to help promote water efficiency and conservation.Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense program, Fix a Leak

Week is an annual reminder for Americans to check their plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems. Fix a Leak Week is only seven days long, but you can promote water efficiency year long by keeping your sprinkler system maintained.

JB Irrigation is offering $10 off your service call during Fix a Leak Week, when you have JB Irrigation repair or replace any leaking sprinkler system component.

28 Mar 2013

Lawn Sprinkler System Service Agreement

All of our new customers should have recieved our “LAWN SPRINKLER SYSTEM SERVICE AGREEMENT” in the mail (mailed on 7-29-11). This is our state-of-the-art program to help you keep your sprinkler system maintained.

This year our customers who sign up for a service on our “LAWN SPRINKLER SYSTEM SERVICE AGREEMENT” will recieve a S.W.E.E.P. evaluation at no additional charge. S.W.E.E.P. stands for System Watering Effectively and Economically Program. The S.W.E.E.P. program is designed to help our customers conserve water and save money by reducing the amount of water their sprinkler system uses; while still maintaining a lush lawn and beautiful landscaping.

Please call us if you have any questions or did not recieve your service agreement in the mail.

28 Mar 2013


Attention Scheduled Maintenance customers…we will be contacting those customers newly signed up for Summer System Check #1 by phone. Or you may call us at 281-744-6909, to set up your appointment at your convienience.

28 Mar 2013


Have freeze damage on your sprinkler system? Call JB Irrigation now at 281-744-6909. We have technicians standing by that can get the leak repaired and have your sprinkler system back in working order fast. When a hard freeze hits Houston, JB IRRIGATION is your cold weather solution!

If a freeze is on the way, be sure to have us winterize your entire sprinkler system before the cold weather hits. This will help you prevent any costly repairs that occur when your pipes and sprinkler heads freeze up. Order our standard winterization service to properly inspect and insulate your system, or have our technicians perform the complete freeze protection service that includes all of the following:

• Insulate* Exposed Irrigation Main Pipe
• Insulate* Hose Bibs or Water Faucets Outside Home
• Insulate* Home Water Entry Pipe
• System Check w/ 12 point inspection
• Trim grass/sod from around heads
• Adjustments to Sprinkler heads
• Adjust Watering Schedule per customer’s request
• Fit Unit w/regular or optional Industrial Insulation*
• Fit Backflow w/optional Green R13 Rated Pouch*
• Fit Backflow Unit with Draining Outlets*
• Drain Backflow Preventer/ take system offline
• Drain Shutoff Valves & Test Cocks
• Open Internals of Backflow Preventer to dry