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20 Mar 2015

Spring Sprinkler System Check and Start Up Inspection

You’ve made it through the cold months with a winterized sprinkler system, but what do you do now as the weather warms up for Spring? JB Irrigation offers a complete Spring system check to ensure that your irrigation system is ready for service and that you are watering efficiently and not spending too much on your water bill.

Click here to learn more about our Spring System Check and Start Up Inspections.

29 Jul 2014

The Anatomy of a Water-Smart Irrigation System

A water-smart irrigation system in a landscape functions much like the systems in a human body. That’s a useful analogy you can share to educate your clients about the value of smart irrigation. Let’s compare the following water-smart products to different organs, functions, and systems in our physical selves.

Start with a smart controller, the brains of the operation

Think of the smart controller as the brain, overseeing all operations necessary for the system to function. By collecting data from sensors, or current weather data in your area, the smart controller will automatically adjust watering schedules to match the weather and the changing of the seasons. Explore smart controller options for your irrigation system, in particular WaterSense labeled smart controllers.

Sensors as the eyes and ears of an irrigation system

Sensors are like the eyes and ears, delivering information to the brain. Rain sensors detect rainfall to avoid overwatering. Sensors shut off an irrigation system during rain events, when the ground is already moist, or even when freezing temps arrive. Adding a rain sensor or temperature sensor will bring additional water savings, and the specific needs of your site will determine which sensors are best. Inquire about sensor options with a JB Irrigation representative today!

A circulatory system with sprinklers and nozzles

Just as high blood pressure can be bad for your body, so can excessive water pressure be unhealthy for an irrigation system. Maintain healthy circulation with water-smart heads and nozzles. These products create larger water drops or streams, which are more resistant to wind and will soak into the soil more easily. Water-efficient sprinklers and nozzles can reduce water use by 30 percent compared to traditional spray nozzles. Contact JB Irrigation for water smart heads and nozzles for your irrigation system.

27 Jun 2014

Ready for Smart Irrigation Month?

smart lawn irrigation watering
It has now been a decade since JB Irrigation has been promoting the efficient use of irrigation through the “Smart Irrigation Month” campaign. The purpose of smart irrigation month is to “…increase awareness of the value of water use… and grow demand for water-saving products, practices and services”. Glass Repair Jonesboro AR

JB Irrigation & Services supports this initiative and continues to introduce products and solutions that use water more efficiently. JB Irrigation has a full line of WaterSmart® products that offer solutions to save water while still providing for a vibrant and sustainable landscape.

12 Nov 2013

5 Tips To Help Transition Your Lawn Care Into The Fall Season

As dawn comes later each morning and dusk comes earlier, we see the changing of seasons upon us. Summer’s harsh weather is ending and we are coming into the cooler temperatures of Fall. At this time you need to change your watering schedule and start preparing for even cooler weather coming in Winter, but you certainly shouldn’t neglect your lawn during this critical time of the year. Here are some tips to help you during this change:

1.  Drop your watering schedule down to 2 days a week. Water when your grass needs a drink.
2.  Plan your watering to match your lawn type. Different grasses need different amounts of water. Consult with us for more information.
3.  Repair and begin winterizing your sprinkler system.  This helps prepare your system for the cooler weather of Winter.
4.  Keep your lawn neatly trimmed.  Mowing the lawn on a regular basis will take away all the scorched grass from the Summer’s sun.
5.  You should begin your Winter fertilizing at this time to protect from the colder weather.

Remember, Fall is no time for standing around waiting – Your lawn needs your attention during these months.  Also, this time is perfect to address your sprinkler system repairs.  Your automatic irrigation systems generally put out a great deal of water and it is important to keep them working properly to avoid waste. Call JB Irrigation to come out and check your system, make sure that it is running as efficient as possible and repair any challenges you may have. We’ll also help with the winterization when the time comes.

11 Sep 2013

5 Must Haves For Smart Irrigation

1. Quality Soil

It might seem odd, but looking at your soil is one of the best places you can start for smart irrigation. That’s because the more moisture the soil can hold, the less frequently watering is needed.

AquaSmart Pro is a product that can actually increase the moisture-holding capacity of soil. Just a small amount of this super-absorbent polymer-coated sand is worked into soil—about four tablespoons per gallon of soil, or 40 pounds per 1,000 square feet. AquaSmart particles absorb water, then release it back out to the soil and plant roots over time. AquaSmart keeps new sod and plantings from drying out, and can treat dry spots in turf. It’s especially useful for areas with watering restrictions and drought. AquaSmart Pro can be purchased through JB Irrigation’s parts department.

2. Water Efficient Sprinklers and Nozzles

These types of sprinklers and nozzles are primarily designed to produce larger drops of water or streams that are more resistant to wind and that soak into the soil, preventing overwatering. They can typically reduce water use by 30 percent, compared to traditional spray nozzles. Look for low-precipitation rates (1 inch or less per minute). Popular models include Hunter’s MP Rotators, Rain Bird’s HE-VAN or R-VAN which all are available from JB Irrigation’s parts department or professionally installed on your site by JB Irrigation’s Service Technicians.

3. Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a great choice for shrubs, trees and others plants. 90-100 percent of the water applied by drip systems goes where it’s needed: the roots! With the right design and quality products, drip irrigation can be a low maintenance and water saving option. Look to JB Irrigation for drip tubing and other drip irrigation parts, which are made from the highest quality plastics for improved durability. Available for purchase at our parts store of professionally installed by JB Irrigation Service Technicians at your home or business.

4. Rain and Temperature Sensors

Avoid watering during a rainstorm, or when the ground is already soaked! A rain sensor will detect rainfall. Some rain-temperature sensors will also turn on or shut off your irrigation system as temps increase or decrease.

If you have a rain sensor and it is more than a few years old you should consider upgrading to a new one. The new sensors we sell today use the latest technology available to insure that you don’t water when it’s not needed.

Conventional wired sensor or “go wireless”? It all depends on the specific site needs. Conventional wired sensors are cheaper. Wired units restrict where or how far from the controller the sensor can be located. Also running the wires can be difficult and time consuming. The wireless units are more money but offer flexibility of locating just about anywhere on a typical site. Wireless units offer easy and speedy installation. Regardless of wired or wireless, additional water savings can be achieved by having a new rain sensor. JB Irrigation stocks both wired and wireless sensors at our parts store and on all our service trucks.

5. Smart Controller

A smart controller is the brain for your smart irrigation system—it uses weather data to give your plants the right amount of water.

Using real-time data from sensors on your site, and historical weather data for your area, a smart controller will adjust watering schedules to the weather and season- on a daily basis.

Ask a JB Irrigation service professional about our smart controllers. We stock WaterSense labeled smart controllers which are proven water-savers by the EPA.

Save on Smart Irrigation

Be sure to check with your water provider for smart irrigation rebates. Many cities, MUD districts, and water companies offer rebates on smart controllers, water-efficient sprinkler nozzles and more. Call the phone number on your water bill and ask them if rebates are available in your area.

28 Mar 2013

Preparing Your Yard For The Harsh Fall/Winter Months

Halloween is right around the corner and before we know it we’ll be deep into the winter season.

The Houston areas has had several hard freezes over the last few winters, so it’s very important to plan for a sprinkler winterization service before that happens again.

JB Irrigation provides a thorough sprinkler maintenance and winterization service that will inspect every component of your irrigation system and ensure that it is ready to survive the off season without falling victim to sprinkler freeze damage or other expensive problems.

The following video presented by Rain Bird explains some of the other steps needed to prepare your yard and sprinkler system for the winter.

28 Mar 2013

Happy Holidays From JB Irrigation and Services

JB Irrigation and Services want to wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend with your loved ones, without having to worry about things like your irrigation system. The winter brings unexpected freezes that can cause serious damage to your sprinkler system at any moment, so why not let our experience sprinkler technicians perform a winterization service on your irrigation system before your family visits for the holiday.

Peace of mind knowing that your irrigation system is safe will make the season more enjoyable for everyone.

Contact us at 281.744.6909, or send us an email and we’ll schedule a winterization service today.

28 Mar 2013

How much time do I run my sprinklers to water my lawn effectively?

Chances are your professional contractor programmed the controller when they were finished installing the system. They probably also gave you a schedule (or schedules) you could enter into the controller during different seasons of the year. If not, you should contact an irrigation professional in your area who can give you guidance as to the number of minutes each zone should water, and on how many days of the week.

Each climate has different requirements; each plant material will have varying needs, as well. In addition, be sure to account for the fact that different types of sprinklers apply water at varying rates. Please click on the link for more information on how to determine correct watering times: www.wateright.org